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September 2016

5 things your new intern wishes you knew

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We asked one of our interns to share their point of view and share what they think and feel when starting with a new company. This is what they said….

So, it’s time to welcome your new interns.

Think of them like daddy long-leg spiders – they’re more scared of you than you are of them, as the saying goes.

From my personal experience as an intern, I know first hand how scary starting a new internship can be.


Here are my top tips for welcoming your new intern…

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3 reasons why you should hire us to plan your nottingham christmas party

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It’s hotter than Hades right now in Nottingham.


The last few days, we’ve been experiencing an unseasonably, crazy warm heatwave…especially for September when people should be pulling out their scarves, sipping lattes and dressing in layers once again.

Nope, we’re all boiling and there seems to be a shortage of fans and ice lollies in the city centre.

The last thing you’re probably thinking about right now is Christmas…but go with me, for a second.

I don’t want you to panic, but there’s only 102 sleeps until Christmas. And even fewer before your company’s annual Christmas party.

Have you booked your venue yet?  Have you sorted out the theme for this year?  Have you sent out save-the-dates?

No worries, click below for 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to hire an experienced Nottingham event planning firm (ahem, us!) to help you sort out all the details this year…

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exclusive lunch and learn for event professionals in ILEA Boston!

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We’ve got exciting news for any ILEA members in and around the Boston area!

This Thursday, 8th September, ILEA Boston is hosting an exclusive, ILEA members only event at K2 Cafe in Kendall Square.

Click here to register

Official artworkILEA Board of Governors member, Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and CEO of The Simplifiers will be livestreaming in for this in-person event. She will be answering your questions and sharing her very best practices that she has learned in the last 9 years working with interns in the events industry.

Trust us, she tells it like it is. Read More

thought of the day: build your people, they build your business

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There’s that saying:

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

How much are you investing in your links? Want to take your business to the next level? You can’t do it alone. You need a good team around you and it’s not as simple as finding and hiring superhero event professionals.

No matter how successful or qualified we are, we should always be working on our personal development otherwise we stagnate.

The same goes for your team. You could keep chugging along… OR you can take your team to a whole new level by investing in their training and development.

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