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exclusive lunch and learn for event professionals in ILEA Boston!

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We’ve got exciting news for any ILEA members in and around the Boston area!

This Thursday, 8th September, ILEA Boston is hosting an exclusive, ILEA members only event at K2 Cafe in Kendall Square.

Click here to register

Official artworkILEA Board of Governors member, Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and CEO of The Simplifiers will be livestreaming in for this in-person event. She will be answering your questions and sharing her very best practices that she has learned in the last 9 years working with interns in the events industry.

Trust us, she tells it like it is. Read More

thought of the day: build your people, they build your business

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There’s that saying:

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

How much are you investing in your links? Want to take your business to the next level? You can’t do it alone. You need a good team around you and it’s not as simple as finding and hiring superhero event professionals.

No matter how successful or qualified we are, we should always be working on our personal development otherwise we stagnate.

The same goes for your team. You could keep chugging along… OR you can take your team to a whole new level by investing in their training and development.

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event mentor POV #7: Don Mamone of The Mamones

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The Apprentice Program by The Simplifiers, taps into some of the top event professionals in the US, sharing the very best insights and practices. Over the weeks our event mentor POV blog series has brought you top tips from our network of event professionals.

Today we’re talking to one of Special Events magazine’s 25 young event pros to watch – Don Mamone of The Mamones.

Don is giving us some great insights including how investing in mentoring young professionals has resulted in big rewards. Plus he is telling us about the VERY exciting event The Mamones are looking forward to this fall…


event mentor POV #6: Mary Phan of Very Mary Inspired and The Sketchbook Series

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Our event mentor POV series brings you insights and tips from some of the top event professionals in the US.

The Apprentice Program helps you empower your interns and turns them into more capable and productive members of your team. But it also helps you become a superhero mentor. Our network of event professionals means that we can share best practices and expertise. 

So who better to talk to than one of Special Events magazine’s 25 young event pros to watch?

25 YOUNG EVENT PROFS TO WATCH (6)We’re speaking to Mary Phan of Very Mary Inspired and The Sketchbook Series.

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5 things I learned at ILEA Live 2016 in Austin

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ILEA Live was a special treat for me this year.

photo credit: Lisa Hause Photography

photo credit: Lisa Hause Photography

It was in Austin, Texas, my hometown for 15 years, the place where I was the ILEA Austin chapter president in 2011-2012 and the spot where The Simplifiers was born and launched in 2003.

Two years after moving to the UK, it felt like a sweet, sweet homecoming.

All my favorite breakfast tacos, all the familiar, friendly faces and hugs at every destination…here are the 5 things I learned while at ILEA Live.

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It’s not over yet…why we’re working around the clock for you.

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So it looks like we spoke too soon… Yesterday we celebrated the end of sign ups to The Apprentice Program for the Fall 2016 semester.

Today it’s all hands on deck.

Turns out that since the ILEA Live conference, word of mouth has spread like crazy and we’ve been getting emails from event professionals asking if we have any places left.

You want IN?  We’re on it!

Due to the high demand, we’re working around the clock to expand the number of places we have available for firms.

(Exactly like this but with more women, red capes and pizza…lots of pizza, zero bongs.)

  • Do you want to turn your interns into superhero event professionals?
  • Do you want well-trained interns who can think fast on their feet?
  • How about interns who can take on delegated tasks, saving you time and stress?

Missed the boat?

All you need to do is to contact us and join our waiting list HERE.

As soon as a spot opens up, we’ll contact you ASAP…

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Enrollment is closed! and breathe…

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After a crazy and busy week talking to hundreds of event professionals, answering questions and welcoming new members to The Apprentice Program, it’s finally time for us to relax a little!

We’re so excited about the buzz around our training tools and number of sign ups, even if it has meant late nights and early starts! Look below for an accurate representation of our team today….



Last weekend, we attended the ILEA Live conference where we showcased The Apprentice Program and got some amazing feedback. Turns out you guys LOVED our training tools once you had the chance to see it for yourself and play around with them. Read More