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Meet Mary – mentor and business coach to event planners

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CEO of the Simplifiers – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP has over 14 years experience in the events industry and now she’s helping other event professionals using everything she’s learned running her own business. We decided to interview her and find out more including the biggest challenges she’s faced and her guilty pleasure…

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The Simplifiers’ CEO is a finalist in The Fastest 40 Awards!

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Congratulations to our CEO – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP who has been nominated for a Fastest 40 Award!

Mary has been nominated alongside 6 other businesses in the Fastest in Tech & Creative Category which is sponsored by High Growth.

Fastest 40 Award

The Awards are organised by East Midlands Business Link to celebrate business people and entrepreneurs under 40.

The winners will be announced at at awards ceremony on Tuesday 16th May 2017 where you’ll be able to spot Mary. Make sure you come over and say hello if you see her! Read More

Simplify your systems: 5 time-saving tools that boost productivity

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Event planners, how much would you like to grow your events business in 2017? Are you constantly comparing yourself to the competition and wishing you knew the tools that could save you time and help you boost your productivity?

Here’s the truth…you’ve got to focus on higher yielding tasks.

(Psst, that means sales and client relations.)

BUT…if you’re an event planner AND a business owner, you’re responsible for sales, marketing, operations, admin, client relations and about a million other things. That’s a lot of tasks on your never ending to-do list.

THE PROBLEM: You don’t have any time. You’re already stretched super thin, trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Let’s face it, you’re drowning in to-do’s.

THE SOLUTION: Automate your admin and any/all lower yielding tasks.

These tools have all been tried, tested and recommended by The Simplifiers’ CEO and business coach to event planners, Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP. Check them out!time-saving Read More

7 traits of successful event planners & business owners

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There are certain event professionals we look up to.

Not necessarily the ones making millions, but the ones who are growing their business year after year, seem to have everything under control and have a constant stream of BIG clients.

Have you ever wondered what they all have in common? Yes, each one is hardworking, organized and probably presents themselves pretty well. But, what is it that takes these people to the next level as #eventprofs and business owners?

And most importantly, have you got it too?

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5 tips to set yourself up for a successful Monday morning

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The life of an #eventprof might involve a lot of late nights but there’s no way to escape those early starts… Want to become a morning person who starts the week ahead of the game? Try these 5 tips!

I am not a morning person. But…I am slowly training myself to be one. Reluctantly, I accepted that I like being a grown up and realized that if I improve my mornings, the rest of life starts to fall into place.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a 5am, yoga and meditation type. I’m the kind of person who hits snooze at least 8 times and then runs around hating my life trying to get to where I’m meant to be on time.

That’s how you know this advice works – if it can help me, it can help anyone.

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5 tips to achieve laser focus and maximum productivity

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The is a snapshot of my brain right now:

Social media, WhatsApp messages, clients wanting immediate responses, a list of 100 vendors I need to email, that colleague talking about the latest donut place that has just opened up… ooh something shiny!

It’s SO hard to focus and get things done with all of the noise that surrounds us. Especially for those of us who have minds that like to wander anyway. We end up becoming reactive instead of proactive and productive.

So, how do we become more focused and efficient?

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