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3 ways to take your event planning business to the next level

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Feeling like you could or should be doing more as a business owner? Have you been looking at other eventprofs and wondering how they’ve managed to grow, have gotten better clients AND seem to have it all figured out? You are not alone!eventprofs

The truth is, we all need to keep working on ourselves and our businesses if we want to succeed. But it’s usually easier said than done. So, here are 3 ideas for where you should start! Read More

3 business podcasts eventprofs should listen to

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Last week we shared 3 books recommended by our CEO and coach to eventprofs – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP. This week we got her to share some of her favourite business podcasts.

These 3 options will give you tips and strategies that you can apply to your own life and business. We guarantee you’ll be left feeling more confident and motivated after listening to an episode or two.

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5 qualities #eventprofs should look for in a business coach

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There are loads of people out there that you could choose to be your mentor and your coach. So, how do you choose the right one that’ll compliment your work style and help you take your business to the next level?

Well, that’s the BILLION dollar question.

Most of us want to be better leaders, more productive, learn better business skills , make more money, be less stressed…the list goes on forever. And most of us know that we’re not going to get there alone. (we give up too easily when no one is holding us accountable, let’s be real.)

We need a guide and mentor to help us fulfill our potential – but we need the right one.

We’ve put together a list of the things you need to look out for. Read to the end to find out how you can be mentored and coached by an experienced and award winning event planner and business leader….

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3 business books #eventprofs should read

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Team meetings at The Simplifiers often include talk about books, articles, podcasts and advice we’ve come across. In many cases we take the most useful content and apply it to our work and lives – sometimes running little experiments to see what works.

If you’re an #eventprof looking to build your business skills, you might find it helpful to do something similar but with so much out there, where do you start?

This week I thought I’d ask CEO of The Simplifiers and business coach to #eventprofs – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP for 3 book recommendations to share with you.  Read More

What do #eventprofs say about Mary & the Super Mentor Academy?

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If you read our post on 5 Qualities #eventprofs Should Look For in a Business Coach, you’ll know that there’s a lot more to it than someone with a jam packed CV and a load of awards.

(although they do help)

It’s about having a connection and finding someone who you can build a relationship with. Someone who matches your communication style and genuinely wants to support you.


events business coachI could write thousands of words to explain why I think you should join Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and her Super Mentor Academy, but you might think I’m biased, so I decided to let some other people do the talking.

Keep reading to see what people who’ve been coached by Mary and taken part in the #9toSIMPLIFY challenge or the Super Mentor Academy have to say.

And don’t forget – time is running out! Don’t miss your chance to join the Super Mentor Academy – this is your opportunity to make great things happen in your business. Join today!

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Super Mentor Academy – enrollment is now open for #eventprofs!

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There’s exciting news this week! Members of our #9toSIMPLIFY challenge have accomplished incredible things while unleveling their events businesses.

We had an unbelievable response! 125+ #eventprofs across 6 countries signed up to 9 days of free business coaching with our CEO Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP.

It’s been amazing to hear how their personal and professional lives have already started transforming thanks to Mary’s tools, worksheets and live online masterclasses.

But it doesn’t end here!

The #9toSIMPLIFY challenge was just the start – the catalyst. Now, event and wedding planners have the opportunity to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.

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Join the #9toSIMPLIFY 9-day challenge!

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Event Planners, Business Owners and #EventProfs,

How are your 2017 goals going?

Here we are, five months in…are you on track to accomplish your 2nd quarter goals and intentions? Or have you been steamrolled by a busy spring events season?

Either way, it’s okay.

The Simplifiers to the rescue!

business coach for event planners

Back by popular demand, we are kicking off our FREE 9-day challenge yet once again starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 17th.

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