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What’s on in Nottingham

What’s on in Nottingham? 5 events to try this week

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There are a lot of food based events in Nottingham this week show include a couple in our list this week. If you’ve followed our posts for a while, you should know that The Simplifiers team are pretty big foodies….

This week, there’s also an improvised comedy show, a chance to wind down and communicate with snail mail, and a chance to attend a private exhibition launch at Nottingham Castle.

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5 tips to set yourself up for a successful Monday morning

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The life of an #eventprof might involve a lot of late nights but there’s no way to escape those early starts… Want to become a morning person who starts the week ahead of the game? Try these 5 tips!

I am not a morning person. But…I am slowly training myself to be one. Reluctantly, I accepted that I like being a grown up and realized that if I improve my mornings, the rest of life starts to fall into place.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a 5am, yoga and meditation type. I’m the kind of person who hits snooze at least 8 times and then runs around hating my life trying to get to where I’m meant to be on time.

That’s how you know this advice works – if it can help me, it can help anyone.

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