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You know how to plan & design incredible events…now it’s time to master running a thriving business.

At some point, most event professionals struggle with unsteady sales, high stress and potential burnout. Our online group coaching program provides proven tools that will help you boost cash flow, book BETTER clients and empower leaders (and action-takers) in simple ways.

Over 125+ #eventprofs from 6 different countries all over the world recently took part in #9toSIMPLIFY, a 9-day FREE challenge giving small business owners and event planners a taste of what’s to come in the Super Mentor Academy!

ENROLLMENT IS NOW CLOSED for the Summer 2017 cohort.  Get on the waiting list below for the next round, beginning again in mid-September 2017.

The Simplifiers to the rescue.

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Mentor | Coach | Undercover Superhero

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want the secret to growing your business?


are you struggling to take things to the next level as a small business owner?


we believe the secret to growth is by finding a mentor who will show you simple to use, proven techniques to master your craft in the events industry.


empower yourself with better training, multiply your efforts 10x.

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optimize your business
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take ACTION, gain BIG results!

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Gain Access to a Global Mentor Network

 What do you get?

Super Mentor Academy is an 8-week online group coaching program (beginning October 1, 2017) that includes:

  • once weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • private mastermind group
  • weekly worksheets
  • daily super boosts
  • private coaching
  • 7-minute website review
  • simple-to-use program

 What are the benefits?

become an undercover superhero who thinks fast & moves faster:

  • save time
  • minimize stress
  • learn how to book better clients
  • grow your business like a hero

Don’t miss out!

Enrollment for the Summer 2017 cohort has closed. Get on the waiting list for the next round!

 Who’s it for?

if you say *YES* to any of these, then the Super Mentor Academy is built for you:

  • I’m an events professional who’s been in business for at least 3 years.
  • This year, I want to do things differently.  I’m ready to REALLY grow my business.
  • I want to attract bigger, better clients…not just MORE, but better.
  • I am passionate about education and I’m ready to take action.
  • I feel like I am running 90,000 miles an hour and haven’t made progress as fast as I wanted to.
  • I’m tired of comparing myself to others…I want results, I want to refocus.
  • I’m looking for a guide, a trusted mentor in the events industry who’s been in my shoes, (actually) knows what they are talking about and is down-to-earth, approachable.

Event planners, designers, caterers, venues and photographers will gain the most from the program, but open to all sectors in the events industry.

event planner on laptop

We make training super SIMPLE.

Once weekly LIVE video calls

Each covering a different topic, all focused on growing your business.  Learn and discuss together LIVE as a mastermind.

($1600 value)

Private mastermind group

Build accountability and a community for brainstorming with like-minded event professionals and small business owners all over the world…expand your network, beyond your city.

($1500 value)

Weekly worksheets

Designed to inspire your work week and spin you in the right direction…go at your own pace, it’s up to you. ~30 minutes/week

($1000 value)

Daily super boosts

Active on Instagram? If so, you’ll receive a daily, personalized message from me, giving you just the boost you need to start the day.

($500 value)

Private coaching

 You might find you need extra 1-on-1 support, so you get three 15-min SOS calls with me, right when you need them the most.

($1600 value)

7-minute website review

Get a personalized overhaul & learn simple, insider tips on how to make your website, blog, instagram or business Facebook page more dynamic.

($500 value)

gain the support you crave

The Secrets, Revealed.

goal setting for the year ahead - make things happen in 2017*

book better clients - how to nail the in-person sales meeting*

How To Attract Your Ultimate Ideal Client to Generate More Leads

save time - the very best productivity tools that WORK

overhaul the operations side of your business - cash flow, hiring/firing, taxes and more

simplifying your life - how to delegate, let go and expand

improve your planning tools, templates + systems/processes

avoid burnout - self-care tips for #eventprofs

*sneak previews of lessons 1 and 2 are shared in the #9toSIMPLIFY challenge!

"So excited to learn from Mary to help us grow. She is motivational and inspirational, helping us carve out clear paths and strategies for our business."

Zoe CornibertCheers Events London

"I appreciate you as my mentor and coaching me to get this far in the industry."

Lotoya VongrechinSenior Event Planner - V Agency Events

"I can now devote my time and attention to our clients and future clients, knowing that my team is busy learning and applying the skills we covered in training."

Becky BrockCEO - Brock + Co Events

"The content is SPOT-ON, absolutely perfect!"

Regina C.CEO - Cloud Nove Events

Sign me up, what does it cost?


$ 695

per month (x 2 months)once weekly LIVE group coaching calls (8 total)

access to private mastermind group

weekly worksheets – go at your own pace

daily super boosts

private coaching – three :15 minute SOS calls, 1-on-1 support

7-minute website review


$ 1290

paid in full (2-month access)once weekly LIVE group coaching calls (8 total)

access to private mastermind group

weekly worksheets – go at your own pace

daily super boosts

private coaching – three :15 minute SOS calls, 1-on-1 support

7-minute website review

a cost savings of $100 when paid in full!


We offer a payment plan of 2 payments of $695, totaling $1390. First payment is immediately drafted, then you’ll be drafted the 2nd payment, which will be automatically taken from your card on the date of purchase, exactly one month later.

Enrollment window opens on September 21st. Reserve your spot in this exclusive mastermind group by 11:59pm on September 30th!

Our cancellation policy is simple.
You must participate in every call, take part in the mastermind group and complete/turn in every worksheet we provide in the first 30 days.  If you are still not completely satisfied with the results you’ve achieved in the first 30 days, you will be eligible to receive a full refund.  We believe in our training tools
that much and know you’ll love learning and growing with The Simplifiers.

*psst, participating in the #9toSIMPLIFY 9-day challenge is absolutely free! ($997 USD value)

Learn More About The #9toSIMPLIFY Challenge

What does the free 9-day challenge entail?*
($997 USD value)

Eight live video sessions

Focusing on your ideal client, goal setting with heart, how to prep yourself for success each week, how to create a cash flow forecast, how to nail the in-person sales meeting and more.

Private mastermind group

Get a taste of what it’s like to build accountability and a community for brainstorming with like-minded event professionals and small business owners all over the world…expand your network, beyond your city.

Worksheets +
a Game Plan

Map out your goals, your revenue, your expenses and your week ahead with our cash flow forecast worksheet, daily success checklist, goal setting guide and self-care for #eventprofs manual.

Private coaching
with your mentor

 If you take part in the 9-day challenge and do all the steps, you will also receive a free 60-minute coaching call with me to finalize your roadmap for success in 2017! Are you ready? Let’s do this.

*don’t miss out on the next #9toSIMPLIFY challenge, which will run again in September! Join the waiting list here or sign up for the Super Mentor Academy and take part in the mastermind, starting June 1st.