273: How to be loving - with Danielle LaPorte (Part one - All-star)
December 27, 2022

Today (I dare say) we are talking about the single-most important topic that we’ve covered on the podcast to date… Love. Divine Love. How to be loving… not only to others but equally to yourself. I mean, it’s the eternal life force and energy source at the root of all existence, right? So let’s talk about it.

My special guest today is Danielle LaPorte and she’s simplifying how to be loving.  She believes that “Love is not a feeling or an emotion, but rather a state of consciousness.” It’s the glue that connects us all together collectively… In fact, we are never (really) alone or separated from Source.

And I have to say, this gentle, countercultural approach to living your life is not what you hear normally… to truly realize that you aren’t broken or need fixing or needing to buy more stuff to feel Loved. As D puts it, “What would change if you saw yourself––and others, through a Loving gaze? Everything. Everything would change.”

Here’s how.

My special guest today is Danielle LaPorte and she is simplifying how to be loving.

We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including:

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You can do it, I believe in you… it’s time to simplify!

Q: Are you ready to learn how to be (more) loving? If yes, this one is for you.

It’s time to #DoTheThing

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My challenge for you this week

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