B134: What’s next for The Simplifiers Podcast - season 7
January 16, 2024

On today’s episode, I wanted to share what’s next for The Simplifiers Podcast and how it will look and feel moving forward. As you know, we’ve been featuring the very best of our all-star episodes recently on the podcast as a way to take a walk down memory lane and showcase some of my favorite conversations. I’ve spoken to quite a few brilliant people including Danielle LaPorte, Naz Beheshti, Dan Millman, Jovanka Ciares, and so many more since 2018… And we are only just getting started!

It’s hard to believe that we are entering into season 7 on the podcast this year! 

We’ve released 334 full-length interview episodes and 133 bonus, shorter form episodes so far. So if you’re a new listener, my goodness, you’ve got a treasure trove of a library ready for you to explore

The premise has always been simple. 

We take one topic either in work or in life… and simplify it! Breaking it down into easy-to-understand ways, so you not only know the “what” (what is it, why is it important right now) but also the “how” (simple, practical tips on how to test it out in your own work or life.

And we’ve covered a wide range of topics so far… everything from managing your budget to managing panic attacks. Simplifying how to say no to “hustle culture” to how to sleep better at night. And we’ve also covered many topics in business from strategy to leadership development to planning impactful events that drive your greatest goals. There’s so much in our archives to dive into, listen, and learn.

But you might be curious about where we are headed next. Well, here’s what we learned from you, our listeners. 

 You guys loved the episodes where we focused on one of these four key areas:

And I want to take a deeper dive into that last pillar for the next few months…

It’s everywhere in the news right now. AI to disrupt 40% of all jobs, globally. (Riva Gold - LinkedIn News)  Big tech companies are adopting AI and automation tools to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and help their workforce be more productive to ultimately hit their revenue goals. As per layoffs.fyi, over “262k people were laid off in the tech industry in 2023, in the US alone.” Of course people are afraid of AI… there’s an inherent fear in adopting a new technology that may one day take over your entire job.

I’d say that’s a pretty big topic to simplify.

And a necessary one too, so you, our listener, knows the ins and outs of AI and machine learning, to be empowered and equipped as you navigate this in your own workplace.

So here’s the angle by which we’ll tackle it… 

How is AI innovating in these fields in your company? 

Man, the list goes on and on… there are so many questions I want to get answers for, things I want to simplify down that I think will be useful for any listener who works at a company, big or small.

No matter if you work inside People & Culture or not… I bet these topics will be fascinating to listen to.

Because let’s face it - this technology affects us all, no matter if you do adopt it (and face the growing pains of learning new things) or stick your head in the ground (and face, potentially the layoffs and change management that comes when your competitors outpace you.)

I hope you’ll find these interviews engaging, interesting and I also hope it sparks a new idea in you to try in your workplace after you hear them.

We will be kicking off this new programming in February 2024 and I’m so excited to share it with you.

As always, we will provide our podcast content in one of three ways:

  1. Short, bite-sized interviews (long enough to listen to on your commute… to learn from a diverse range of brilliant thought leaders.)
  2. Quick, solo bonus episodes (great for when you’re at the gym… to learn from me and the things I’ve picked up along the way.)
  3. Guided visualizations (best for those still moments, where you close your eyes and my voice guides you to find the answers from within.)

Make sure to visit our brand new website at thesimplifiers.com to find the show notes and easy links to any resources we share in our episodes. 

I’m excited about this new season and I’m so grateful you tune in and tell your friends. Consider me your best mate who’s going to ask all the questions you’ve been curious about but didn’t know where to ask. I got you! 

Let The Simplifiers Podcast be your go-to resource for information, inspiration and a spark of creativity.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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Next week, I’ve got a brand new episode featuring Dr Gary Chapman of the 5 Love Languages, looking at this framework with a whole new set of eyes and how it can be translated to the workplace, your family, and your relationships with those who are most important to you.

This month is focused on clarity and re-emergence. Today is a fresh start and a new beginning. Your 1000 daily choices is how you get there. We will explore what that means on every level this month, both personally and professionally. As always, please reach out, especially if you’ve got specific ideas or questions that you’d like us to cover on the podcast. DM me on LinkedIn at @thesimplifiers and let’s spark a conversation. 

Thank you!

Show credits: Suzen Marie, our Podcast Editor and Jeffrey Lynn, our Video Editor. Aubri Nowowiejski, Chris Justice, and George Mills, our advisory board. And I’m your host, Mary Baird. Big love to Dennis Coleman and Kristen Kurtis, as well. Thank you so much for listening and telling your peeps about us.

As always friends, keep things simple.