B137: How to nail a job interview (guided visualization)
March 5, 2024

Let’s do a guided visualization exercise together: here’s how to nail a job interview. You know, when you get off that call or leave the building, immediately after a job interview, knowing you presented the very best version of yourself to the recruiter, hiring manager, or panel.

Calm, cool, collected, confident… and you charmed the pants off of them!

There was connection, great conversation, and you confidently showcased your expertise and yourself with grace and ease. Again, you SHONE bright, my friend as your true radiant self came through!

Listen and participate in a guided visualization exercise: how to nail a job interview.

Quick disclaimer: This one is a tiny bit different from other guided visualizations we’ve offered in the past. I recommend listening to this one, exactly 60-90 minutes *before* your interview. That way, you’re in the right mindset when it comes time to do the real thing. (And of course, you can listen to this one anytime you like, even if you don’t have a job interview coming up today… It still does wonders to your psyche and confidence!)

Before we get started, here are a few things that you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of this.

  1. Create a safe space - no distractions or interruptions

First off, you’ll need to create a safe space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted… and also, keep in mind that during this exercise, you’ll have your eyes closed. So yeah, probably not best to do this one while driving.

Silence your phone notifications… The world can wait for the next few minutes.

Then, get comfortable in a seated position or lying down, if that feels better. You get to decide. As with all visualization and breathing exercises we do together this year, you always get to decide what is best for you… take what you need, bless and release the rest.

Okay, now close your eyes or avert your gaze to the ground.

  1. Take 3 intentional breaths together with me

Let’s take three intentional, life-affirming breaths.

Now, let your breathing come back to a normal pace, whatever feels right for you.

  1. Do a body scan and feel your feet

It’s time to do a body scan… imagine you are slowly scanning your entire body from the tip top of your head, slowly down like molasses, all the way to your fingertips, and then to your toes.

What sensations do you feel? Knots, twinges of pain, soreness, or even , on the flip side, any feelings of harmony, joy, or flow…. just notice what you feel in your body, without judgment or trying to fix it. Just scan down, ever so slowly until you’ve done your entire body.

Once you’re at your feet, really take notice of what it feels like to have your feet make contact with the ground. To be firmly rooted down, the safety and security of that sensation. What do your feet feel like right now?

  1. Time to see yourself nailing your job interview

Okay now,  I want you to imagine you’re about to interview for your dream job today. The role is perfect for you. Your qualifications and experience is exactly what they want and need. The salary is well within the range you desire and all of the things are lining up perfectly for you, with this opportunity. The next step… nail the job interview.


Before you get there, imagine you are getting dressed and prepared at home.

You open your closet doors and scan your wardrobe, looking for the one outfit that you feel the most confident in. It fits you perfectly and you can’t help but stand tall with your shoulders back when you wear it. You put it on and choose your favorite shoes and accessories that complete the entire look. Next, you stand in front of a full-length mirror and take a moment to really look at yourself. You can’t help but smile… This is the very best version of you, showing up, shining bright, from the outside in.

Pay close attention to the details. What are you wearing? How did you style your hair? What about this outfit makes you feel like a million dollars?


You give yourself a cheeky smile in the mirror and maybe do a power pose, inspired by Amy Cuddy.

Hands on your hips, imagining you’re standing like your favorite superhero, instantly your body gets a wave of endorphins and confidence streaming down from head to toe. You’re showing up differently. This is a calm, confident, and centered you, ready to go.


You arrive at their offices with plenty enough time beforehand, not rushing or speeding. That’s because you’re well-prepared today.

You were smart and gave yourself ample time in case there were any curveballs or traffic along the way. On the drive there, you listened to your favorite music that really pumps you up and makes you feel unstoppable. What song was playing that made you feel the best? Can you hear it now, in your mind? How does it go?


As you walk into the conference room, you’re greeted by a panel who will one day become your work colleagues and peers.

They all smile at you and have such warm, friendly personalities, except for one person. That’s okay, they must be distracted or dealing with something big today. This has nothing to do with you and is not yours to carry. You brush it off immediately and otherwise, get a really good feeling about working here and the interview hasn’t even begun yet.


The first question they ask is, “why do you want to work here?”

And you take a moment as a beat, but you already know the answer by heart. You’ve spent countless hours researching this company online, talking to others that work there, reading their recent ESG report and you did your homework. You know this is where you belong next on your career journey and can make a positive impact here. Calmly but with genuine enthusiasm, you answer from the heart and they are thoroughly impressed by how much you already knew about their organization and how prepared you are today.


One of them asks to see some of your work.

Luckily, you were totally prepared for this, as well. And with a twinkle in your eye, you know that what you’re about to show them is gonna knock their socks off. This is your ‘secret sauce’ - the thing you’re well-versed in and know better than anyone else who’s interviewing for this role. You share your presentation on the screen and they can’t help but feel your enthusiasm for the work in every new idea you tell them about. And equally, you know not to give the farm away. So you entice them with an innovative idea, give them a tiny slice of your strategy to implement and then advance the slide onwards, alluding to them that they need to hire you in order to make this idea a reality at their company. You stand confidently in front of them as you notice that even the distracted, checked-out person on the panel has started to really pay attention now to what you’re saying.

It’s yours. This job. It’s already yours.


They ask if you have any questions for them and of course, you’ve cleverly rehearsed a few that are smart, insightful and relevant to each person’s role on the team. One question being, “What is the most unexpected thing you’ve learned while working here?” - which sparks a great conversation amongst you all. Ultimately, you know you are just as much interviewing them as they are you.

You’re a job shopper, not a job seeker…

…meaning, you are shopping for the right job, not desperate for whatever comes that sorta seems right. No, you are calm, cool, collected, and confident, knowing that no one company or role or team is going to be 100% perfect. But you (ultimately) get to decide if they are right for you. When you think like this, the energy changes. Everything shifts.


It’s time to wrap things up and say thank you.

You confidently shake everyone’s hands and smile, knowing your whole self showed up today for this job interview. You were able to answer all the questions to your best ability and made it less stiff and rigid like a traditional interview, but more like a conversation between colleagues where ideas were flowing and the undeniable rapport was evident. You know deep down inside, this is the team you’re going to work with very, very soon. You muster up the courage and ask the panel, clearly and confidently, “based on what you learned about me today, is it safe to assume that you’ll recommend that I advance to the final interview with the VP?” They all look at each other and give you a resounding “YES!”


Take this last moment to say thank you with your full spirit and remember that you can revisit this gift any time you wish. It’s yours forever and ever. You are never alone and you are always fully supported.

Take a moment to gather yourself with a deep, belly-filling breath. And when you’re ready, open your eyes.


So, how was that experience for you?

How did it feel when you walked in the doors, met the team, and realized this role is 100% yours and waiting for you right now?

I want you to set a 7-minute timer, grab a pen and paper, and take this time to write down everything you remember from this visualization exercise.

Answer as many of these questions as you like… or just focus on one. Whatever brings you the clarity you desire right now, you get to decide.

One final whisper

Did you catch that bit about being a “job shopper” instead of a “job seeker?” It’s a teeny tiny detail but I hope that tiny shift in word choice might just be the thing to shift your confidence and how you carry yourself when it comes time to actually go and do the interview.

Remember, confident not cocky.

Enthusiastic, but also centered and calm.

YOU are the prize and any company that rejects your application or doesn’t advance you along in the interview process just lost the chance of experiencing your brilliance.

That’s it… that’s the message.

I hope this visualization sticks with you the entire week through. Do it again and again if you need clarity or fresh ideas on where you’re headed next… Because when you tap into your deep inner knowing, you’re accessing your deep inner wisdom. That electric energy that can be found inside all of us that connects us all together. It knows. You know. We all know if we are brave and we open ourselves to it.

I hope this visualization sticks with you the entire week through. Do it again and again if you need clarity or fresh ideas on where you’re headed next… Because when you tap into your deep inner knowing, you’re accessing your deep inner wisdom. That electric energy that can be found inside all of us that connects us all together. It knows. You know. We all know if we are brave and we open ourselves to it.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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