B140: How to embrace change with grace (guided visualization)
June 4, 2024

Let’s do a guided visualization exercise together: here’s how to embrace change with grace. You know the old adage, “change is the only constant,” which I suppose is true in most cases.

However, I want to plant a seed of a new thought in your mind that might help you navigate change when it comes your way again:

“I’m the only constant in my life, no matter what changes.”

Let’s explore that idea today and go a bit deeper with it.

Listen and participate in a guided visualization exercise: how to embrace change with grace.

Before we get started, here are a few things that you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of this.

  1. Create a safe space - no distractions or interruptions

First off, you’ll need to create a safe space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted… and also, keep in mind that during this exercise, you’ll have your eyes closed. So yeah, probably not best to do this one while driving.

Silence your phone notifications… The world can wait for the next few minutes.

Then, get comfortable in a seated position or lying down, if that feels better. You get to decide. As with all visualization and breathing exercises we do together this year, you always get to decide what is best for you… take what you need, bless and release the rest.

Okay, now close your eyes or avert your gaze to the ground.

  1. Take 3 intentional breaths together with me

Let’s take three intentional, life-affirming breaths.

Now, let your breathing come back to a normal pace, whatever feels right for you.

  1. Do a body scan and feel your feet

It’s time to do a body scan… imagine you are slowly scanning your entire body from the tip top of your head, slowly down like molasses, all the way to your fingertips, and then to your toes.

What sensations do you feel? Knots, twinges of pain, soreness, or even , on the flip side, any feelings of harmony, joy, or flow…. just notice what you feel in your body, without judgment or trying to fix it. Just scan down, ever so slowly until you’ve done your entire body.

Once you’re at your feet, really take notice of what it feels like to have your feet make contact with the ground. To be firmly rooted down, the safety and security of that sensation. What do your feet feel like right now?

  1. Time to see yourself embracing change with grace.

I want you to imagine you’re at the movie theater about to watch an epic blockbuster. You get settled in your big, comfy chair and have your favorite snacks on-hand as well. You might be surrounded by your closest people or you might be in this movie theater all alone. Either way, you feel absolutely fine, relaxed and ready for the show.


As the lights turn down and the movie begins, you quickly realize this is no ordinary show you’re watching.

This is a movie of your entire life, showing you moments that mattered throughout every stage of your life. It starts in silence, darkness, in a place that feels safe and secure, warm and enveloping… you’re in your mother’s womb. You feel supported and hear familiar voices around you that give you a deep sense of calm and joy. But you’ve got a sixth sense that things are about to change soon… and FAST. You head towards the light.


The scene shifts to a glimpse of you attempting to take your first steps.

Wide-eyed and curious, you scoot yourself along the couch, keeping yourself upright and steady. Finding your balance, you decide to peel away and attempt to stumble towards your loved one. Your baby steps don’t feel so small to you… they’re monumental as you try something new, something terrifying, something exciting. You fall down, you try again. You take another step and another one after that. You don’t give up, you keep going. After all, you know this will change everything once again.


Now you’re 8 years old and you find yourself on the playground at recess during the school day.

You notice your surroundings with all five senses… the smell of the fresh-cut grass on the field, the sound of children laughing and playing, the way the chain on the swing feels on a hot summer day, the taste of your favorite piece of childhood candy that you just popped into your mouth. You see your classmates walking towards you and you say hi… only for them to ignore you. It hurts your feelings and in a moment, you decide to shrug it off. Maybe they didn’t hear you? Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding? Either way, you don’t take it personally - you handle it with grace and run up to one friend, tap them on the shoulder and say, “hey, wanna play?” They smile and say yes. Here we go…


Flash forward to that big triumphant moment in your adult life. The one where you’re on the precipice of something really big.

A crossroads moment. A big decision that needs to be made. A move that takes you somewhere new. A beat in time that you know you’ll never forget. You know exactly what it is and look around, to soak it all up. Big or small, happy or sad… this moment changes everything. Knowing you’re never 100% fully prepared but let’s face it, who really is? You take the leap with courage and calm and boldness, knowing that you’ve survived all of your previous moments of change before then. You will again now too.


Take this last moment to say thank you with your full spirit and remember that you can revisit this gift any time you wish. It’s yours forever and ever. You are never alone and you are always fully supported.

Take a moment to gather yourself with a deep, belly-filling breath. And when you’re ready, open your eyes.


So, how was that experience for you?

How did it feel to embrace the big moments in your life where you faced change with grace? What came up for you when you looked back?

I want you to set a 7-minute timer, grab a pen and paper, and take this time to write down everything you remember from this visualization exercise.

Answer as many of these questions as you like… or just focus on one. Whatever brings you the clarity you desire right now, you get to decide.

One final whisper

In the last ten years, I’ve held on to a very powerful notion that has guided me through my work and life… and it is this.

The wise, older version of yourself sits inside of you now.

You know, that 100 year old version of your soul that is calm, centered, and knowing because they’ve already lived through this season of your life and know how the chapter ends.

They’ve been here before… and they can guide you, if you remember to ask.

This visualization took you through your past moments so you could hear their voice in the now. And they will guide you in your future moments of change too, helping you better embrace them with grace.

So lean on them. Slow down and ask them for insights, Intuition and wisdom.

You might be surprised at what you hear, in response.

I hope this visualization sticks with you the entire week through. Do it again and again if you need clarity or fresh ideas on where you’re headed next… Because when you tap into your deep inner knowing, you’re accessing your deep inner wisdom. That electric energy that can be found inside all of us that connects us all together. It knows. You know. We all know if we are brave and we open ourselves to it.

I hope this visualization sticks with you the entire week through. Do it again and again if you need clarity or fresh ideas on where you’re headed next… Because when you tap into your deep inner knowing, you’re accessing your deep inner wisdom. That electric energy that can be found inside all of us that connects us all together. It knows. You know. We all know if we are brave and we open ourselves to it.

You can do this, I believe in you.

It’s time to SIMPLIFY.

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