Mary Baird The Simplifiers Podcast
Simplifying work, life, and everything in between
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This podcast will help you...
Gain clarity
Simplifying to help you reduce the NOISE in your work and life and get back to basics… gain focus and recalibrate your compass.
Get things done
Teaching you our very best time management skills and ultimately, helping you get things done… without the overwhelm.
Look after yourself
Learning how to nourish yourself and avoid burnout. Self-care is key for personal growth and sustainability!
Build knowledge
Helping you tackle complex topics by simplifying it down, so you can take action and #dothething.
Mary Baird The Simplifiers
Mary from the Simplifiers Podcast
Mary from the Simplifiers Podcast
Mary from the Simplifiers Podcast
Meet Mary, the host of The Simplifiers Podcast

With over 19+ years experience in running a small business, she coaches creative people on how to do less to accomplish more, prioritize your time wisely, and ultimately, to simplify.

As the host of The Simplifiers Podcast, she interviews very smart people from all over the world who take topics in work and in life and SIMPLIFIES them.

An international public speaker who’s been published in FORBES Magazine, Huffington Post and featured as one of the “Top 25 Young Event Pros to Watch” by Special Events Magazine, Mary is also on a mission to share the gospel of what a Texas breakfast taco is all about.

As seen on stage at SXSW | Podcast Movement | Mom 2.0 Summit
Our mission? Simple...

We help creative people gain clarity, do the thing, build knowledge, and look after themselves.

We will serve one million women worldwide by 2027, because as the heartbeat of your community, when you simplify, you THRIVE and make a positive impact, globally.

By simplifying work, life, and everything in between…we help transform you into a HERO.

our core values
Because the simplest solution is usually the best one.
High reward
Comes from integrity + determination, combined.
We can do great things together… alone serves no one.
Never miss a moment
…to WOW them in the little details!
Value education
Let’s mentor others to make a positive impact on the world together.
We learn by trying. Fail fast, learn faster.
What our listeners LOVE about this podcast
Testimonials, The Simplifiers Podcast
“I needed this podcast in my life today. Mary’s calm voice really makes listening more like a meditation. I’m adding it to my weekly rotation!”
Testimonials, The Simplifiers Podcast
“Mary brings her wisdom, experience, and zest for life to every interview and has a natural way of bringing out the gold in each person.”
Testimonials, The Simplifiers Podcast
“Most of us are looking to simplify our lives and this podcast gives us practical, easy to implement tips on how to do just that. Love the flow of this podcast and the guest experts!”
Testimonials, The Simplifiers Podcast
“Done is better than perfect! I love this woman – Mary Baird. You and your guests inspire me to take baby steps to get one step closer to achieving my goals.”
Each season features a mix of…
  • Expert interviews… to learn from others

  • Solo episodes… to learn from Mary

  • Guided visualizations… to learn from yourself